Research Seminars

  • Presentation topic: Wet snow forecast in Hungary
  • Presenter: Dr. Somfalvi-Tóth Katalin, MATE Kaposvár
  • Date: 2023 June 1. 10.00 am | room B209


We still encounter inaccuracies, rough estimates and even black spots in the physics of atmospheric icing. Increasingly detailed microphysical parameterizations are being adapted to weather prediction models, but their uncertainties greatly increase in boundary conditions such as wet snow. In Hungary, Mihály Csomor was the first to study atmospheric icing in detail, establishing an observation network that operated continuously from 1965 to 2014. This database is biased with some errors, but suitable for climatological studies. The possibility that wet snow could cause severe problems in Hungary was highlighted again in January and February 2009 by severe accumulations and widespread power line breaks in Western Hungary. This has provided the kick-start needed to continue the research of atmospheric icing at the Hungarian MetOffice.
In this presentation, I would like to present the results of this new stream of research, describe the problems and difficulties emerged during the work, and as a result show the applied method developed for the prediction of wet snow via case studies. A few words will also be devoted to future plans as well.