Dual training

About dual training in general

Your theoretical education takes place at a higher education institution and your practical training takes place at a partner organization. As a student in dual training, you will gain an insight into the operation of the partner organization, learn about the corporate culture, and learn the basics of the profession from the best professionals.

When you complete your studies, you can have competitive knowledge and practice that will give you a huge advantage in starting your career, and you may even have your degree in your pocket with an employment contract.

In the study period, there is no difference between students in dual training and students in traditional training. All of our students attend lectures and seminars, write tests, and take other required assignments to meet the requirements. At the end of the study period, the difference is clear, as in the dual training students start the internship period, in addition to the exams they spend their internship at the partner organization, do project work, and take part in professional trainings, a total of 21 weeks / academic year internships.

All dual students are expected to follow the sample curriculum, that is, to complete each subject when they are prescribed in the curriculum. Adequate motivation, good organization and proper time allocation are also essential for this.

Dual practical training takes place throughout the academic year, including 7 weeks following the fall semester and 14 weeks following the spring semester. This means you will have a very short summer break. Working hours: 32-hour working week during the examination period, 40-hour working week outside the examination period.

Apply on the dual form!

Application deadline: February 3, 2024 => The application is closed

Prerequisite for completion of all subjects in the first semester

Dual partner company: TDK Hungary Components Kft

Dual recruitment interview: expected before February 15 (elegant casual clothing is recommended)

We will notify you of the result of your admission by February 20 at the latest. The provider of dual internships is obliged to conclude a student employment contract with the student participating in the internship by 28 February at the latest.

Allowance actually (2024) HUF 173,400 per month for the entire training period! (65% of the current minimum wage in Hungary)

Dual recruitment interview

It is part of the admission process, prepare for it in advance, especially considering the following aspects:

  • Personal data: the interviewer will usually take over the information in your CV during the interview, giving you the opportunity to talk more about yourself.
  • Information about the company: it is appropriate to know what the dual partner company does, what it produces, you can obtain this information on the company’s website.
  • Detailed knowledge of dual education: before the interview, go over our dual training again, ask questions about what you are not sure about.
  • Do not worry: try to stay calm before the interview, see it as a meeting where you can show your best side.
  • Frequently asked Questions: it is advisable to prepare in advance, e.g.: what a mechanical engineer does, what do you know about the selected company, what do you want to achieve, why did you choose that company, what are your hobbies, etc.
  • Arrival: It is important to make a good impression, so try not to be late for the interview, let us know if you are late or have any other problems
  • Dress: On the day of the interview, you will meet the representative of the potential company for the first time, so it is important to dress appropriately. For ladies, a costume or dress is recommended, or elegant pants and blouse. For men, elegant pants, and shirts, even combined with a tie, or a suit may be the appropriate attire.