Dear Reader,

The Savaria Institute of Technology was founded in 2014 with the mission to establish the higher education in engineering and related research and development activities as well in Szombathely.

The BSc program in Mechanical Engineering offers a solid background combined with practical applications from a wide area of engineering. The diversity and quality of the practical knowledge are ensured by the collaboration of numerous industrial partners who can offer internship for our students in modern industrial environments. Students completing the BSc program with such internship at a partner company become engineers who can fill the labour shortage in engineering in the West-Transdanubia region, and, since the program is also offered in English, even in the international job market. Apart from the BSc program, the institute offers MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and the colleagues also participate in teaching in other programs including Computer Science, and programs that are offered in Hungarian only: Engineering Management and Teaching of Technical Skills.

The strength of the institute and the quality of teaching and research activities are based on the knowledge of our colleagues, their experience gained in European and North-American universities, and the infrastructure that is developed continually. The research activities cover a broad area in engineering, and the industrial partnership has also been extended since the foundation. The research areas include mechanical and optical material tests, innovative production technologies, modern measurement techniques, vibration and control, and computer simulations. The infrastructure behind this research activity and the teaching programs includes laboratories in materials science, manufacturing technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, measurement technology, electrical engineering, welding, motor and vehicle structures, and informatics and CAD/CAM. Further research potential will be developed in the domain of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and flow visualization in the fluid mechanics laboratory that is under construction.

The colleagues in the institute pay particular attention to activities that contribute to maintaining the high level of teaching and to building up a good reputation of the institute in Hungary and internationally. Attendance in scientific conferences and in trainings deepens the knowledge and experience of the colleagues and continually improves the teaching methods applied. Emphasis is laid on collaboration with universities, research groups and with industrial partners. Mentoring students and involving them in research projects and in industrial projects ensure the training of a generation of engineers who will provide creative solutions to problems arising in the industry or in research and development.

Prof. Dr. László Kollár, head of institute