Stipendium Hungaricum

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Faculty Mentorcoordinator: Kovacsics Benedek

Mentors will be there for the students from the very first steps till the end of their studies and maybe further. If you have a question, you can seek help from your faculty’s mentorcoordinator. Mentor coordinators bring together mentors and mentees in the faculty and help students with issues related to their faculty.

During the semester the mentorcoordinators will support their faculty’s students in the followings:

  • help with any university administration
  • help with understanding the Operational Regulations
  • help with visa/residence permit
  • help with Health Insurance and Tax Identificaiton number
  • help with opening a Bank Account
  • help with the Neptun system
  • help with accomodation problems

Mentors will assist specifically scholarship students with everyday problems, questions regarding their stay in Hungary, ELTE.  Personal mentors guide students through their international experience. They are motivated, open-minded students of ELTE. Each mentor participates in special trainings to be able to take care of students during their studies at ELTE.