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In Spring semester of the 2023/24 academic year the form of education on ELTE Faculty of Informatics is in-person

We would like to inform our students that the dean and the vice-dean can be contacted after consultation with the international coordinators. If the help of the dean or vice dean is needed we inform you and forward your requests to them. If you send the e-mails directly to the dean or vice-dean in these cases the e-mails are sent back instantly to you and in copy to the coordinators without administration. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Residence permits can only be collected at B107 office after PRIOR NOTIFICATION!

Faculty Mentorcoordinator: Kovacsics Benedek



last update: 29 Feb, 2024



Thesis topics

2023 Thesis topics for mechanical engineering BSc students (lick to download) (Updated Dec 7, 2023)

Thesis – Final Examination

Thesis preparation process for mechanical engineering students

Deadlines for those starting the thesis consultation in the automn semester (including MSc students): for points 1,2,3,6,8,11 and 13, the same day of the same week in the opposite semester

Approved by: Prof. Dr. Jurij SIDOR, Leader of Mechanical Engineering BSc Program (21.02.2020), Dr. Jánosi Endre, Leader of Mechanical Engineering MSc Program (01.09.2023)

Read it carefully! Please meet the deadlines!

Documents related to the Thesis:

1. Announcement and selection of thesis topic:

Students can choose from a list of announced topics. A good choice of topic is half the success! It is obligatory to send the name and surname of the student, title of the thesis as well as the name and e-mail address of a supervisor to the administration office of the Savaria Institute of Technology by e-mail  ( The student is advised to consult all details of the thesis work with the supervisor, who will admit the advisor (consultant) after the topic is submitted/sent to the administration office.

Deadline: Monday of the 14th week of the fall semester. (December 11, 2023)

2. Enrollment to “Thesis work I” course and appointment of a supervisor and consultant:

The enrollment to “Thesis work I” course occurs at the same time as the enrollment to other subjects of the spring semester. Both the supervisor and consultant are university lecturers and their selection is finalized after the enrollment to “Thesis work I” course.

Deadline: spring semester, Friday of the registration week (beginning of the semester)

3. Thesis topic declaration:

The thesis topic declaration (TTD) must be prepared by the student according to the G-1 form, in cooperation with the supervisor and the external consultant. The supervisor, after a thorough check, should return it to the student in PDF format. The TTD contains information about the student, the supervisor, the external consultant, the title of the thesis, and the tasks to be performed during the preparation of the dissertation in points (approximately 5-6 points).

The TTD is submitted in the form of an electronic application via the Neptun interface. In the thesis topic application (in the Neptun), the TTD data must be provided (copying the part below the text “Topic of BSc/MSc thesis including Tasks and sub-tasks), and then the TTD must be attached in PDF form. Given that the Thesis Terms and Conditions are stored in this way in Neptun until the submission of the thesis, it is considered authentic even without original signatures.

Guidelines for TTD completion in Neptun:

  • You must select “I have an external supervisor”, otherwise only the internal supervisor will appear.
  • Internal supervisor’s affiliation: ELTE, Faculty of Informatics, Savaria Institute of Technology
  • Internal supervisor’s work adress: Károlyi Gáspár tér 4, Szombathely, H-9700 Hungary
  • The position and education of the supervisor: e.g. Full Professor (or associate/assistant professor), Mechanical Engineer, MSc,
  • Industrial (external) Partner: e.g. Schaeffler Savaria Kft (not Schaeffler)

The thesis topic application is approved by the supervisor and the program-leader via Neptun. The TTD, approved in Neptun, must be inserted in the thesis as described in the G-2 form.

Deadline: spring semester, Wednesday of the 3rd week. (February 28, 2024)

4. Thesis consultation form: 

The first page of the “BSc/MSc thesis consultation form” (G-3 form) must be completed by the student and sent to the supervisor for approval prior to the first consultation. The corresponding fields of this document (Topic of consultations) should be completed by the supervisor each time while consulting with the student. 

5. Confidentiality documentation (if required):

Encryption (G-4 form) is necessary if the external partner prescribes restricted access to data presented in BSc/MSc thesis.

Deadline: fall semester November 15, spring semester April 15

6. Literature review on the topic related to BSc/MSc thesis in the frame of “Thesis work I” course:

To accomplish (obtain a signature in Neptun) the “Thesis work I” course, the following conditions should be fulfilled:

  • participation in at least four consultations;
  • approved thesis topic declaration form;
  • approved BSc/MSc thesis consultation form;
  • the submitted work complies with the content and form requirements of the BSc/MSc thesis (G-2 form);
  • At least 60% of the literature review is completed and passed the plagiarism test.

Deadline: spring semester, Friday of the 13th week.

7. Enrollment to “Thesis work II” course and basic information on internship

Enrollment to “Thesis work II” course occurs simultaneously with the other subjects of the autumn semester. In order to complete the BSc/MSc studies, all students are requested to do a compulsory internship at a selected company (institution), dealing with the technologies related to mechanical engineering. After the 6th semester, students basically perform their assignments during the internship, which can be independent of the BSc/MSc thesis, but in the ideal case, the internship is supposed to be related to the thesis work.

Documents required for internship:

  • Declaration of Acceptance statement for the internship;
  • Cooperation Agreement on internship; this document is not required if the internship is done at our faculty).
  • Letter of reference about internship accomplishment

8. Accomplishment of “Thesis work II” course  

In order to accomplish (obtain a signature in Neptun) the “Thesis work II”course, the following conditions should be fulfilled: 

  • participation in at least four consultations; 
  • the successful progress of all task of the BSc/MSc thesis; 
  • presentation of at least 60% of the BSc/MSc thesis according to G-2 form
  • approved (signed by internal supervisor) BSc/MSc thesis consultation form (G-3 form); 

The supervisor sends the BSc/MSc thesis consultation form in pdf format to the administrators of the Savaria Institute of Technology. 

Deadline: fall semester, Friday of the 7th week.

9. Enrollment for the final exam

Registration for the final exam occurs electronically via Neptun system.

Deadline: fall semester November 15, spring semester April 15

10. Submission and review of BSc/MSc thesis

Students must complete the BSc thesis after the 7th semester, MSc thesis after the 4th semester. Prior to uploading to Neptun (printing and binding are optional), the 100% completed and plagiarism-tested thesis must be presented to both internal supervisor and the consultant (external supervisor). The supervisors should review the BSc/MSc work and suggest which parts have to be revised prior to submission.

The thesis and related documents must be uploaded to Neptun in a form of a zipped file. The following documents must be packed

  • BSc/MSc thesis in editable (word, e.g. neptuncode.docx) and non-editable (pdf, e.g. neptuncode.pdf) formats;
  • Appendices of BSc/MSc thesis in pdf format (e.g. technical drawings);
  • Thesis topic declaration form (G-1 form) in pdf format;
  • All pages of G-2 form, which require a signature (in pdf format).
  • After logging into Neptun, please search for Studies / Degree Thesis/Thesis application. Here you can upload your thesis by clicking on „Upload degree thesis”.
  • Please write the final title of the thesis, the keywords (3-5 words what will make searching easier), and the short summary of the thesis (max. half page).
  • After this, you can upload and save the thesis itself in pdf or zip. Please save the file like this: NAME_NEPTUNID_THESIS.PDF OR .ZIP
  • By choosing the correct file, please wait until it is uploaded properly. (You won’t get a system message to wait.) In case of successful uploading, the name of the uploaded file will be listed.
  • Finally, click Save file button.  

After saving, please check that the system really saved all documents you have uploaded.  

The Thesis file can be changed till the deadline of the uploading. In case of a change: first, you will need to delete the first file, then upload the modified one.  

In case of an encrypted thesis, don’t forget to choose „Confidential”.  

Deadline: fall semester, December 1, spring semester May 1

11. Reviewing procedure of BSc/MSc thesis

The review and evaluation of the thesis are done according to the guidelines described in the G-5 form.

Deadline: fall semester, Friday of the 1st week of examination period (in case of students who intend to apply for an MSc degree in the spring semester, immediately after the BSc studies).

Deadline: Friday of the 4th week of examination period (in other cases)

12. Final Exam


The student may be admitted to the final exam if she/he has fulfilled her/his academic obligations / has obtained an absolutory:

  • in the case of the final exam in June, until June 16, at the latest
  • in the case of the final exam in January, until January 15, at the latest (for students intending to apply for an MSc degree in the spring semester, until December 20, at the latest)

Completion of the internship, submission of the reference letter:

  • in the case of the final exam in June: until May 15.
  • in the case of the final exam in January: until the 1st Friday of December

The final exam consists of two parts: the defense of the thesis by the student and a professional examination.  

During the defense of the thesis, the candidate has to present the completed work, and then she/he has to answer to the committee’s questions regarding the presented work. A brief presentation of the task and the methods used are welcome.  

In a course of examination, the student must give an account of his/her professional knowledge and skills required for the chosen profession by discussing a topic from the pre-set final examination questions’ list.  

The final exam committee evaluates the thesis itself, the defense, and the professional exam with a grade ranging from 1 (fail) to 5 (excellent). If the thesis is graded as insufficient/failed (1), the student must enroll for a new one. If either part of the final examination i.e. the defense of the thesis or the professional examination is graded as failed, the student cannot repeat it within the same examination period.

Recommended desscode for the final exam: casual

13. Thesis defense and graduation ceremony

The thesis defense and the final exam take place on the same day. The presentation should be prepared according to the PPT sample (approximately 10-12 minutes). The dissertation defense precedes the final exam, which the student can do only in case of a successful thesis defense.

Deadline: fall semester, 4th week of examination period (in case of students who intend to apply for an MSc degree in the spring semester, immediately after the BSc studies).

Deadline: fall semester, 7th week of examination period (in other cases).

The graduation ceremony takes place in February (or July)

Please present yourself in a suitable dress for the occasion.

Admnistrative fees / Payment of Tuition fee

Admnistrative fees
TitleAmount (HUF)
Failure to comply with the administrative deadlines (late registration)3 500
Failure to meet the payment deadline (late payment)3 500/each
Subject registration after the end of the registration period (per subject)3 500
Course registration for the 2nd time (per course)3 000
Course registration for the 3rd (or higher nr.) time  (per course)7 000
The 3rd examination within the same examination period3 500
The Student fails to appear at an exam without a justifiable excuse3 500
Rewriting the thesis (in case the fail grade/rejection)10 000
Retaking the final exam10 000
The Student fails to appear on the final exam (except, if the Student does not obtain the final certificate)10 000
Submitting a reference-letter about internship after the deadline3 000/week,
max 30 000

From the Autumn semester of the 2023/24 academic year students are required to pay an extra fee for extra optional couse credits (above the limit written in the curriculum)  registered in other Faculty of ELTE. This amount in 2023 is HUF 10,000/credit.

The Tuition fee should be paid via Neptun education system. Details for the bank transfer are given below.

  • Name of Beneficiary: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
  • Address of Beneficiary: Egyetem tér 1-3., H-1053 Budapest, Hungary
  • Name of Bank: Magyar Államkincstár (Hungarian State Treasury Ltd.)
  • Address of Bank: Váci út 71., H-1139 Budapest, Hungary


  • from Hungarian bank account**: 10032017-01426201-06030012
  • from Hungarian bank account**: 10032017-01426201-06030012
  • Swift code: MANEHUHB
  • Please add the following comment* to the bank transfer: NK-YOUR NEPTUN CODE (e.g. NK-ABCD12)

* In the transfers comment field (notice/announcement/topic) you have to provide your Neptun-code in the following format: NK- Your Neptun code (e.g. “NK-ABCD12”). Please write your Neptun code in capital lettersBe careful not to mix the following characters: O-0, I-1, Z-2, U-V, G-6, etc.

** The online surfaces of the banks may use different names for the different banking services. Please be careful and choose the option meaning transferring foreign (not domestic) currency and/or give the currency (EUR) during the transfer.

***BIC or SWIFT? Both identifications represent the recipient bank, it depends on the student’s bank which needs to be given during the transfer. If the student’s bank accepts both, any of them is suitable.

Tuition Refund policy

According to the Academic Regulations for Students Section 131 (3)

If the tuition-paying student terminates or announces the suspension of their student status during the semester, they shall be entitled to a refund of the amount of the tuition as follows:
a) 90% if the termination of the student status or the notification of the suspension takes place before 15 October in the case of the autumn semester and 15 March in the case of the spring semester,
b) 30% if the termination of the student status or the notification of the suspension takes place after the deadline specified in point a) but by the last day of the study period,
c) if the student terminates or suspends their student status after the last day of the study period, they shall not be entitled to a refund.

For a tuition refund, please fill out the refund form, which must be sent to the coordinator electronically in PDF format. Refund form download

The entire refunding process usually takes about 6–8 weeks.

Credit transfer

If you have studied at another university, you might choose to ask for the acceptance of courses you previously completed there. You have to report your claim of credit transfer upon your registration for the upcoming semester (until the end of the registration period) at the course coordinator.

Please note that you can only try to get accepted 120 credits at most.

Usually, a course can be accepted if it has a similar credit number and mostly the same topics as our relevant course. We will need to see your transcript of records, and the descriptions of the courses that you would like to get accepted. These have to be official documents issued by your previous university, and if they are not in English, we need an official translation as well.

You have to fill out the following credit transfer form: ATTACHED credittransfer

Here is an example of a correctly filled out form (the parts that the student filled out are emphasized with red):

ATTACHED credittransfer_help

If you cannot fill out something (because you don’t have a Neptun code yet; or there were no course codes at your former university; etc.), then you can leave that part empty, but otherwise try to fill it out as precisely as you can. In the “Exam / Practical mark” column, write E if it was a lecture-type course with an exam at the end, P if it was a practical course with tests during the education term, and E+P if it was a combined course of the two parts. (These are the types of courses that we have here at our faculty.) If there was no such differentiation between courses at your university, just write E.

In the “Grade” column, you should write the grade that you received on a 5-grade scale. If you had a different grading system (you don’t know how to convert to the 5-grade scale), ask your previous university for an official conversion document.

Please fill out the form electronically, and keep the format in docx, so that we can make modifications if necessary. Beside docx, save it also in pdf. Make sure not to mess up the formatting. If you need more than 10 lines for your courses, then just insert new lines. At the singature, print your name and send it from your e-mail address registered in Neptun or your e-mail address used during the application process in case you haven’t got a NeptunID yet.

Filling instructions, suggestions:

  • Check your curriculum on Compare your previous and current courses: descriptions of the course, weekly hours, credit number. Min. 75% of the topics need to be the same.
  • More previous courses can be counted into one current course and vice versa.
  • In case of Elective courses: list the completed courses on the left side of the form and write only „Elective course” on the right side of the form with similar credit value.
  • In case of Optional courses: list the completed courses on the left side of the form and write only „Optional courses” on the right side of the form with similar credit value. On Computer Science BSc, max. 10 credits of optional courses can be accepted. In case of Optional courses no description is needed.
  • The credit value of a course cannot be divided.
  • If there were no credit numbers at your former university, write the weekly hours instead.

What you need to send to the coordinator (

  • Credit transfer form in docx (Name_NeptunID_Credittransfer.docx)
  • Credit transfer form in pdf (Name_NeptunID_Credittransfer.pdf)
  • Official transcript (Name_NeptunID_Transcript.pdf)
  • Official description of the relevant courses (Name_NeptunID_Descriptions.pdf)

Send every document to the course coordinator by email from your registered e-mail address until the deadline. Coordinator will get in touch with you about the preliminary evaluation of your request, and if necessary, some modifications will be made. After that, the final document will be examined by the faculty’s Credit Transfer Committee, who will make the final decision. The whole process usually takes at least a few weeks, during which time you can already visit the classes that you want, and later we will handle the Neptun registration.

Non-dual Internship


  • BSc Mechanical Engineering for students in traditional training
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering for students in traditional training

Schedule of the internship

  • Completing the internship is a necessary condition for obtaining the diploma. The necessity of this Internship is regulated by the law of Hungary, specifically the Annex I. of the Government Decree 289/2005. (XII.22.)
  • The internship can be completed after the second semester if some of the specific engineering subjects are also completed.

Do not leave the administration process to the last minute!

1. The purpose of the internship; competencies

The aim of the internship is to carry out activities corresponding to students’ study program at a company, where they can:

  • get acquainted with the professional work at a company,
  • get involved in their daily work, to solve the task entrusted to them by their professional leader
  • gain experience in the labor market.

Competences that can be acquired and developed during the internship:

  • General competencies: punctual, precise work depending on the nature of the tasks, independently or in a team, communication in a professional language.
  • Professional competencies: applying the engineering and IT knowledge acquired during their studies in practice, acquiring new knowledge.

2. Place for internship

Any organization or institution that carries out activities in the engineering field can be considered as partner for internship. In addition:

  • students admitted in 2014, or later, will be accepted for internship if a Cooperation Agreement with the university and a student employment contract with the student are signed,
  • The organization or institution must declare that they accept the student for an internship (Acceptance statement) (see forms below),
  • The organization or institution must briefly evaluate the student’s activity in a written from after completing the internship (Letter of Reference) (see below: forms).

Places for Internship, proposed by the Institute:

TDK Hungary Components Kft.

Nestlé Hungária Kft.

Sága Foods Zrt.

3. Duration and schedule of internship

For students admitted in 2014 or later:

  • BSc mechanical engineering students: at least 12 weeks (480 working hours). Time spent in dual internship may be accepted, fully or partially, for those students who failed to meet the study requirements of the dual system. In this regard, please attach the dual evaluation sheet!
  • MSc mechanical engineering students: at least 4 weeks (160 working hours) after the 2nd semester.

The periods described above must be completed with an active student status (e.g. an active semester), so it is recommended that you schedule it after the second or fourth active spring semester.

Internship can also be carried out during the study period, if the academic obligation allows (class attendance is mandatory), for a maximum of 20 hours/week.

4. Conditions for accepting internship

  • The student can complete his/her internship in a place, which has been approved in a document (Declaration of acceptance) by the host institution, the Faculty of Informatics. The Declaration of acceptance must be filled out and signed by the institution (organization, company)!
  • The student must complete his internship
    • at a level that meets the objectives and criteria together with the competencies,
    • by carefully performing the tasks assigned to him/her by his/her employer or his/her appointed professional manager, in compliance with the specific, professional and legal requirements applicable to him/her,
    • without damaging the credibility or reputation of the studies, training or the name of the Eötvös Loránd University.
  • The person supervising the internship must certify the fulfillment of the items listed in point 2 by completing and signing the appropriate faculty form (Reference letter) at the end of the internship.
  • We can only accept original forms, not copies – if the company wants to get back its own copy, please submit two or more signed, stamped copies.

5. Deadlines

The Cooperation Agreement and the Declaration of acceptance must be submitted to the Institute Secretariat at least 2 weeks before the start of the internship during the academic year (

It is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadlines and agree on the location and schedule of the internship. If the student does not indicate in time where he/she wishes to complete his/her internship, or if he/she completes his/her internship in a place not previously accepted by the Faculty of Informatics, the university is not obliged to accept the internship certificate.

You must return the Reference letter to the administration within 30 days of completing the internship!

If the student does not fulfill the obligation to submit the Reference Letter by the deadline, the Department of Education is entitled to charge an additional service fee for each week starting after the deadline.

The amount of the service fee: 3000 HUF / week.

Administration within the Faculty of Informatics

A) Forms (download)

Cooperation agreement with companies (3 original stamped copies signed in blue pen – form)

Declaration of acceptance for internship (1 PDF stamped and signed in blue pen – form)

Reference letter about completion of internship (1 PDF stamped and signed in blue pen – form)

IMPORTANT! You have to send the Declaration of acceptance and Reference letter in electronic form (sent by e-mail in PDF to Documents can be signed by the company electronically or on paper and then scanned.

The cooperation agreement is acceptable only in original (3 copies signed with blue pen and stamped) or electronically (sent by email in PDF) in case the company has official electronic signature.

The contract must be sent to the following addresse by post (as registered mail, a scanned copy is also requested): ELTE Informatikai Kar, Tanulmányi Hivatal, Ms. Orbán Krisztina. H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/c, Hungary

B) Briefly about internships

The list of possible internship places is published on the faculty website. This list shows the companies that have given their consent in advance.

Naturally, the internship can also be done at other companies, if the given company signs the Cooperation Agreement with the university.

C) Approval to complete an internship

The Deputy Dean of Education decides on the acceptance of the completed and signed Reference Letters by seeking the opinion of the Credit Transfer Committee.

Based on the Reference Letters certifying both the completion of the internship and the acceptance by the Faculty of Informatics, the completion of the internship is recorded by the Department of Education in the Neptun system.

Internship outside of Hungary:

If the student conducts the internship outside of Hungary (abroad), the student must prepare a written summary of the work performed during the internship (approx. 10 pages), which should be sent to the coordinator ( within 30 days after the internship. Afterward, the student will need to summarize her/his activities be preparing a short PowerPoint (10 minutes). The date and time of presentation will be defined by the program leader.