Robotics laboratory

Processes, be they social or technical, can only function properly if they are properly managed by humans. This principle is the aim of the laboratory, where students, and even students in public education, can learn to control technical processes without having to define their age.

The design and construction of our technical tools has been carried out by mankind for thousands of years, and one very important change is perhaps that we are incorporating more and more knowledge into the tools of the technical environment, and we can do this by programming.

The students, coming with different initial competences, can deepen their construction skills using the laboratory’s toolbox, build devices of different designs, skipping the technical steps of material transformation, and then, equipped with sensors and actuators (interventions), develop the device that performs the given function into an intelligent device by computer programming.

For the moment, education is based on a construction kit, providing the necessary foundations without which it is not possible to manufacture products today, nor even to produce a marketable product.