Project Lab

Project Lab: the lab aims to give space and tools to the creativity of engineering students! The lab is designed to give students the opportunity to create and tools for their creativity.

One of the main profiles will be the construction of electronic “gadgets”, which are now unavoidable for technolgy projects. We will have everything you need for an Arduino/microcontroller project, tools, lab supplies, multimeter, oscilloscope, you name it.

Several manufacturing technologies are also present in the lab. From the most common FDM 3D printing to Objet to traditional CNC technology. In this room is only small engraving milling machines are avaliable, which are designed by the instructors and students themselves. This is a great help in prototyping circuits, while 3D printers provide an amazingly universal solution for rapid prototyping of mechanical structures.

The lab is not only a place to realise completely new ideas, the HP structured light 3D scanner can also be used to digitise existing parts, speeding up reverse engineering processes.

Like all modern research and development facilities, we are not without robots. The uArm robotic arm and conveyor is an excellent platform for modelling robotic material handling problems. The students later want to link this device to a Prusa mk3 3D printer for fully automated mass production.

The Ficher Factory Simulation production line simulation unit is also located here. The purpose of this is to demonstrate production logistics and automation tasks through a fictitious production process. As the unit does not have its own controller, the challenge is waiting for students.

It is also planned to house wireless communication measurement equipment to test wireless communication links operating at sub 1GHz.

Activities in the lab will be available later on the Student Tech Lab page. Students will find here what equipment they have access to, under what conditions they can use them. In this page they can see what projects/challenges the institute has to offer them. Documentation about how to use the different tools will also be available here.

To set up the lab, we have primarily used the support of the surrounding corporate partners. Special thanks to Ivy tecnologies, and Aptív